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Contextual advertising is a type of advertising on the Internet, which is shown to the user by the content of the web page they visit. Almost the only way to instantly get targeted visitors and sales from the Internet. If the setting is done correctly, the previous sentence becomes a statement, because there is no other way to quickly jump into the TOP advertising results of Google or Yandex for “bold” keywords.

In conjunction with a well-tuned web analytics, contextual advertising is becoming a key source of profit generation for the given return on investment parameters. The growth in the number of orders and profit will inevitably raise the question of expanding your business. The previous two paragraphs outline the business benefits.

Target audience

Advertising is visible only to potential customers, the target audience is controlled

Market research

Contextual advertising will allow you to identify the needs of the target audience

Saving money

If the user follows the pay per click link, then the owner of the resource pays for each such transition

Time saving

The launch of the advertising campaign takes place within 1-3 days

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